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Applications for the JCC and Ad-Hoc are closed.


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Background Guides

The Following Links will take you to the Background Guides: Historical World Economic Summit 1933
United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
United Nations Security Council
Joint Crisis Committee, Chinese Cabinet
Joint Crisis Committee, Indian Cabinet
The Nuremberg Trials
Special Summit on Oil, 2030

Letter from the Secretary General

Dear Delegates,

"The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows." -Sydney J. Harris

We at Sanskriti don't just reflect but we also react. We believe that raising your voice is easy but taking action is harder. Model UN provides a platform where dreamers become doers, where words are converted into action and every action affects a simulated world that we become a part of.

On behalf of Sanskriti School, I feel very honored and pleased to welcome you all to the 4th edition of the Sanskriti Model United Nations, 2015. The Conference would be held over two days on the 23rd to the 25th of April 2015. After having been actively associated with Model United Nations for almost a decade, Sankriti brings back a conference, which promises to be better than ever before. With a talented and experienced secretariat, which is working very hard to give you all an invigorating three days of conference filled with diplomacy, zeal and enthusiasm, we hope to make the experience of SMUN a shared one with all of you.

MUNs are a great way to sensitise and prepare students of today for tasks that need to be accomplished tomorrow in order to make the world a better place. They help us to discover issues that could lead to future problems. They give us an opportunity to debate these issues and hear different perspectives of various stakeholders. They help us work as a team towards common objectives and in the end they help us understand how to get things done. All this learning is especially important in current times, as the world stands at cross roads threatened by terrorism, environmental deterioration, trade wars, human rights violations, territorial disputes, ethnic issues and racism et all, as never before. It is therefore a superb platform for young minds like ours to train ourselves and get ready to become the leaders of tomorrow.

We eagerly look forward to hosting you this April. If you have any queries, please feel free to email me at

Thank you and best of luck.

Rhea Mehta
(Secretary General)
SMUN 2015

Letter from the Director General of General Assemblies

Greetings Delegates,

My name is Shivainn Mehra and I am the Director General of General Assembly Committees at the Sanskriti School Model United Nations Conference 2014.

A little about me: I am currently a grade 12 science student. My Model UN career began in 9th grade but I began debating much before, and arguing by the time I was able to speak, that is, at 2 years of age. I feel that debating allows one to think on the spot and come up with real life solutions.

Not only do I have a deep passion for MUNs and Debates but also share an equal passion in the field of music and theatre as I play the drums and love acting as well. In future I hope to pursue Computer Science along with Entrepreneurship and bring about a change in society by incorporating those skills.

I am incredibly excited to welcome you to the 4th session of the SMUN and cannot wait to share with you what I know will be an exhilarating, enriching and engaging 3 days for the secretariat as well as the delegates. I assure you that this combination will not only lead to an enthralling conference but an unforgettable one as well.

The entire Secretariat has worked immensely hard to make sure that the Committees will keep you on your toes and make you think out of the box. They will not only pose intellectual challenges but also stimulate Interesting debate.

I can't wait to meet each and every one of you and connect with you.

Best of luck!

Shivainn Mehra
(Director General)
SMUN '15-16

Letter from the Director General of Crisis Comittees

Dear Delegates and Faculty Advisers,

It is my pleasure as Director General to welcome you all to the Fourth session of Sanskriti's Model United Nations.

SMUN is a conference that is attended by high school students from not only across our country but also across the globe. Every year SMUN witnesses extremely high level of discussion and debate and the Secretariat has worked to an end to ensure the same this year.

At SMUN this year the wide array of topics, take you both into the past and into future and will provide the delegates with a uniquely engaging and thought provoking experience that upholds the experiential learning that Sanskriti as an institute believes in. Delegates walk away with the ability to come up with pragmatic solutions with our General Assembly Committees, damage control and on the spot thinking with our Crises Committees and the ability to go back into time and analyse how history could have been re-written with our Historic Committees. The Directors have worked to create an absorbing atmosphere that will immerse you in an environment in which anything is possible, and the options are endless.

During the course of the conference delegates will learn diplomatic skills of negotiation, accommodation and compromise while assuming roles of UN representatives and members of other such Inter-governmental decision making bodies. Committee will give each of you the opportunity to step into the shoes of those who hold immense power in policy decisions and who a play key role in overcoming International conflicts, and will give you the chance to make decisions you think will be effective solutions, and see if they work out as expected thus giving you an insight into world politics and the working of governments and International institutions. SMUN is a conference that pushes each delegate to be the best that they can be by promoting healthy competition and changes each delegate by providing an experience that teaches a child in three days more than what he has learned in months, years or even his entire life.

I invite you all to Sanskriti Model United Nations 2015 and look forward to meeting you all this April!

Anusuiya Radhika
(Director General)
SMUN '15-16

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